The Commons Hotel

615 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
From the ultimate geek to the ultimate chic, The Commons Hotel helps guests build a journey of the senses, with off the beate path museums, cultural centers, shopping destinations, sports events or outdoor activities sure to suit the soul. With convenient proximity to Minneapolis' top attractions, a stroll or free shuttle ride is all it takes to check landmarks, stadiums, shops and sites off of your itinerary.
$99 Hotel Stay During 99 Days of Summer!
Make the most of your 99 days of summer by booking a stay at the Commons Hotel this summer! Select summer dates available. Use promotional code "99days" when booking.
Bike, Ride & Brunch
Enjoy a deluxe guestroom, then walk outside and pick up two bikes at the Nice Ride pick up station behind the hotel. Explore the Campus Loop, or one of 4 additional rides. Come back to the hotel after a day of exploring the city and spend the night in a luxury guestroom. Wake up the next morning to breakfast for two in The Beacon Public House.
Park & Save
Are you looking to explore the town while you visit? Look no further. The Park and Save Package will take all of your worries away and guarantee you a parking spot while you recharge your batteries. The Park and Save Package features a Deluxe Guestroom and complimentary self-parking, directly behind the hotel!

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