It’s winter in Minneapolis. That means the water freezes over, and we grab some sticks and skates to conquer the newfound ice with our signature winter sport: hockey.

BUT, what you may be shocked to find out is that we don’t solely travel around the city via hockey skates in the winter. Not all of us can skate, which is why we need something to get us from the hockey rink to the restaurants, theaters and other great attractions in Minneapolis.

Enter the Chevy Volt. And when we say enter, we really do mean ENTER. Because we’re giving you the chance to drive off in a Volt. Minneapolis is giving this very cool car away because the Chevy Volt is everything the City by Nature is. Combine a stylized modern interior and exterior with an eco-friendly 38 mpg electric/gas hybrid and you’ve got a high-tech performer that’s great on the environment.

We’ll be giving away a prize pack each week (check out the prizes for each week below) for the next seven weeks, which leads up to the grand prize of a Chevy Volt. All you have to do is fill out the short form below, and you’ll be entered in to win. We’ll even let you improve your odds by letting you enter once each day.

Enter early. Enter often. Good luck. 

Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 1 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 2 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 3 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 4
Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 5 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 6 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize 7 Chevy Volt 2014 Prize Grand Prize

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